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Treatments in the vulva and anal area


I have seen Dr Mañas comments on the Lichen Sclerosis FB group. I am interested to know what treatments he offers for LS and Lichen Planus in the vulva/anal area. I am in the U.K. but can travel to Spain. Thank you.


Dear Caroline, we offer a protocol with laser and platelet rich plasma. Also sometimes radiofrequency and hyaluronic acid is required. In bad cases, we offer nanofat, a sort  of fat graft. 

Since you reside outside Spain, our recommendation is that you keep a first diagnostic appointment by videoconference. The cost of it is € 100, which would be discounted from the price of surgery if you decided to operate with us. In this case we would prepare a personalized plan for your stay in Madrid, adapted to your needs and expectations. With love,

Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine FEMM Team

Enviada por Caroline Fox (U.K.) el año pasado.
Respondida por Clínica FEMM el año pasado.

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