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Treatments in the vulva and anal area


I have seen Dr Mañas comments on the Lichen Sclerosis FB group. I am interested to know what treatments he offers for LS and Lichen Planus in the vulva/anal area. I am in the U.K. but can travel to Spain. Thank you.


Dear Caroline, we offer a protocol with laser and platelet rich plasma. Also sometimes radiofrequency and hyaluronic acid is required. In bad cases, we offer nanofat, a sort  of fat graft. 

Since you reside outside Spain, our recommendation is that you keep a first diagnostic appointment by videoconference. The cost of it is € 100, which would be discounted from the price of surgery if you decided to operate with us. In this case we would prepare a personalized plan for your stay in Madrid, adapted to your needs and expectations. With love,

Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine FEMM Team

Enviada por Caroline Fox (U.K.) hace 2 meses.
Respondida por Clínica FEMM hace 2 meses.

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